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ELXR is offering a health and fitness gym that prioritizes functional development and overall healing, catering to individuals who are looking for more than just a traditional gym experience. We offer a comprehensive range of fitness solutions that include power, functionality, and rehabilitation, all in one convenient location.

The Team

Carlos Ganz

Carlos has a combined over 10 years of training soldiers in the military, massage therapy, and also personal training experience. He brings strong leadership skills and a passion for fitness to the gym.

Gabe Seekins

Gabe is a versatile professional with a diverse background, excelling in snowboard instruction, physical therapy, and personal training.

Vamsi Anam

Vamsi is a dedicated personal trainer with a degree in Kinesiology, focuses on personalized fitness plans and nutrition guidance.

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What Our Clients Say About Us!

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Shyla Spicer

The expertise and guidance Gabe has provided through my strength and weight loss journey has been immeasurable. His consistent updates, schedule flexibility, and workout recommendations continue to help me achieve my goals. I see results, have created a healthy lifestyle, and feel stronger than ever before!

Alex Gerace

I have been working out with Vamsi for over 2 years and have noticed results without even changing my diet. My endurance, strength and balance have all improved. He motivates me when workouts get challenging and is always positive and reassuring. My mental health has improved too, and I'm more confident and experience less depression and anxiety.  The workouts are fun and he is good at creating different routines. This is one investment I have no regrets about.

Tema Nwana

I've been an athlete for over a decade, going through numerous high school and college coaches and trainers. I can confidently say that Carlos has been the best trainer I've ever had by a long shot. His ability to cater workouts and stretches to exactly what you need and point out often-missed areas from improvement is unmatched. Thanks to him, I've never felt stronger, healthier, and more confident both inside and out.

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